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heck_yea_its_me's Journal

Pimpin' Partlow a.k.a. YOUR MOM
11 January
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hey wiggers, my name-izzle is Nicole, and well im not a gangster...but hey i had you fooled!!! anywho...actually people say i'm punk/goth or whatever i don't like labels. all my friends just say im a freak. is that even how u spell freak? i don't know and personally, i don't care. i don't care about a lot of things, like school for one...i mean really! and i don't give a rats...umm...BUTT about what people think of me. Anyone who has anything to say about me can...well i guess they can go ahead and say it, or go tell it to my homies, they'll pop a cap in your punk butt. actually i have no homies, im such a loser, but guess what...I DON'T CARE!!!so anyway i guess thats pretty much me. got a problem with that? I didn't think so!! peace out, peace in, peace like a beast, and peace in the middle east!
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